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We are “Tia Diavolana”, this means: we love the new moon. Why the new moon? Because in the old age, new moon was a time during which Malagasy kids were playing and learning through old stories and folktales that were passed on from generation to generation.

We are a non profit,non governmental organization registered in Madagascar and Austria. We strive to alleviate poverty in tangible, sustainable ways and are committed to improving the living conditions and opportunities for children in Madagascar so they can reach their full potential. In “Tia Diavolana” we believe that we are all able to make change around us. Even small things can make a huge difference.

Lifechangers wanted!

In our community, poverty becomes so present that we see it, we feel it, we live through it and we even eat it. We don’t know anymore if there is a world outside of it. Madagascar is facing severe political and economic problems.  A lack of access to quality education and jobs keeps people from being able to escape extreme poverty. Children and women are the most vulnerable in our society. We need your help to help them!

Tia Diavolana Daycare Centre

For many poor families it is hard to see the advantages of sending their children to school when they could instead be helping to earn money for the family. Since 2012 we have been trying to fight against this situation. Tia Diavolana strives to help children realize their full potential. We are committed to equipping them with the tools necessary to reach that potential. We are helping kids on the street, who don’t have a safe place to go after school. We built a centre for kids where they get help with their homework, where they can study and play. Here the kids find a second family and are taken care of.

Training Program for young women

Unemployment in Madagascar is a big and growing issue. For young people it is almost impossible to get a proper job. For this reason in 2015 we started a training program for young women from 16 years and up. We strive to give them a lasting and new perspective. We are helping them to be independent and to be able to provide the basic needs for their families. In this program we support many mothers whose kids come to the daycare center. Once a week we offer a special training where they learn how to sew or to cook. We also inform them about their rights and encourage them to stand up for themselves.

Due to lack of funds the course can only be held once a week and the level is very basic. In order to improve it, we depend on donations. We need to buy sewing machines and different supplies. Moreover the tables at the center are made for kids which makes it hard to work on them.