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Give a gift – Change a life

What have you done today? Do something amazing and help to change the lives of vulnerable children. Giving a gift is the best way to help the children at Tia Diavolana. A donation helps us to ensure continuous schooling and to give young people a lasting and new perspective. Click here to donate now!

With your donation we can:

  • help vulnerable children wherever and whenever the need is greatest, for example during emergencies;
  • ensure continuous schooling program for a kid
  • ensure continuous support

Donate things

Any of the following would be gratefully received: books, clothes, toys, sewing machines, computers…

Help us build a school and support more kids!

We really would like to help more kids but we cannot afford it without donations. It is hard to send away a kid who is asking for help because we don’t have place anymore or we have already reached the maximum number of kids that we can help. It breaks our heart every time.

The Tia Diavolana Center is located in a garage which we rent. We want to leave it soon because it is not the best place and would need to be renovated. Our goal is to build our own school. We would be able to safe the costs for the rent and the renovation and help more kids. Help us with your donation!

Shop online and help us!

Make a difference every time you shop online. Shop2help.net offers a simple and convenient opportunity to help our organisation. A percentage of what you spend in online shops like Amazon, Otto or Zalando is donated to our organisation (on average 3%). The stores pay for it all. You can help, simply by doing what you normally do, at no cost to you or your cause. Shop and help now: www.shop2help.net/diavolana