When Kevin was little he was raised by his parents. His father worked as a fisherman and his mother as a maid. Sadly his father had become addicted to alcohol and couldn’t take care of his family anymore. Confronted with these problems, the mother was the only one in charge of the family. She didn’t have the chance to go to school or to get a proper job. To earn money for the family she secretly started to prostitute herself. When her husband learned that she was working as a prostitute he felt very guilty. He didn’t know how to deal with the situation. His condition got worse from day to day. He had to get treated at the hospital, which was another big financial burden for the family. Kevin’s father died when the boy was three years old. From this time forward Kevin’s mother had been severely depressed. Little time after her first husband’s death she found another man. He refused to take care of Kevin, so she left her son and asked the family of her former husband to take care of him. At that time Kevin was about 10 years old. The kid was totally lost and didn’t know where to go. Fortunately a sister of his father took him under her wing. Although as a single mom of four she didn’t have an easy life herself she tried to take care of Kevin as good as possible.
Most of the time Kevin didn’t eat enough. At home he only got dinner which was rice with salt. However on some days he didn’t even get that. Once in a month his mother visited him and gave some money to his aunt. But it was never enough. Now Kevin is 16 years old. He just passed his first official exam (normally passed at age of 11). He is very courageous and wants to continue studying to become a doctor.
The association helped Kevin with his education. We supported him through a partnership so he could go to public school. We gave him clothes, school supplies and food. Without our help he would have not been able to study. Now he has some small jobs to be able to afford his studies. Even though Kevin is not a kid anymore, we would like to continue supporting him because he has the courage to go on, and we would like him to be able to focus fully on his study and will not be forced to work anymore. We would like to continue supporting many kids like Kevin.