Most of the kids love Dora: Dora school bags, Dora t-shirts, Dora shoes… At the time we shared out clothes for the kids at the center, there was only one Dora t-shirt in the big pile of clothes. But it was rather small and wouldn’t fit the kids. While we were busy finding fitting sizes for the kids, a little girl came up to us. With her sweet voice she asked : Can I have the Dora? We stopped then looked at her, we thought it was too small for her, adding that, it was winter and it was not a warm t-shirt. Then we said: “but it is too small for you!”. But she answered: “I will do my best to fit in”. So we decided that she should try the t-shirt but we warned her that it was not warm and she needed warm clothes. But anyways, she tried it on. The sleeves were slightly too short but it fit her. She asked us: “Can I have it? I don’t feel the cold!”. Now every time she comes to the center with her big sister, she is wearing the “Dora t- shirt” and she is so proud of it.