The second story is about a little girl named Rojo. She is the youngest of four children. Little time after she was born her father died. He worked in transportation and maintained the family. Rojo’s mother tried to take care of Rojo and her siblings by herself. She sold things that people didn’t use anymore. However the money she earned from that job was not enough to fully support her family. No one helped them. Instead her husband’s family started to accuse her of murdering Rojo’s dad.
Even with that pressure she tried her best to support her kids and enable them to go to school. Since the mother was not well educated, she didn’t know anything about her right to protection. She started to meet men that could give her money for her family. It aggravated her situation. She died a few months later. People didn’t want to take the kids. It was their retired grandmother who took them. They are continuing their studies but it is very hard for them to survive. Rojo is also one of the kids that we support. It was a big relief for her to be like the others when she went to school with complete school supplies like her friends. When her mother could not afford the school fees, we supported her. We celebrated her birthday at the center. It was the first time she celebrated her birthday since there was never enough money for a party at home. At the center she finds a safe place, where she can study and play. Rojo is the most courageous girl ever. She never misses the daily meeting at our center. Rojo loves food and singing. She is always laughing.